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Abu Dhabi: A Saudi groom was arrested after guests celebrated his wedding by firing rounds of bullets into the sky of Shaqra, a town in central Saudi Arabia, located about 190 kilometres north-west of the capital Riyadh, local media reported.

The police arrested the groom, acting on a tip-off about footage showing a night sky being illuminated by scores of rounds of bullets, which were fired into the air by guests at the Arab nuptial.

The footage, showing heavy gunfire during the wedding motorcade on the way to and at the celebration venue, was widely circulated on social media.

No casualties were reported, but the groom was arrested after the couple returned from a short honeymoon and he was turned over to the Public Prosecution pending trial, police said.

The police were hunting for the guests involved in the celebratory gunfire.

At the wedding party, the footage showed several guests standing in a circle and lifting their weapons. One guest started firing his gun upwards before the entire group began spraying scores of rounds of bullets into the air.

The bullets were extremely loud and created an incredible light show in the night sky, as the footage showed bullets flying above the heads of the crowd below.

After the guns had been fired the sound of bullets began to peter out and people could be heard cheering.

Celebratory gunfire is banned in the Kingdom because it is dangerous..

Many people have reportedly been hit with stray bullets that have fallen from the sky and property has been damaged.