A vehicle skids and falls into an overflowing wadi in Asir region. Image Credit: Twitter video grab

Dubai: The Saudi Civil Defence Forces have rescued seven individuals trapped in their vehicles during torrential rains in the southern Asir region, while flash floods in Medina washed away a water tank amid heavy rains across Saudi Arabia.

The teams coordinated with the Traffic Department for the successful rescue operation, but the rescued individuals faced fines of SR10,000 for violating traffic regulations related to crossing valleye or flooded areas.

Heavy rainfall has prompted civil defence warnings to exercise caution and avoid venturing out, approaching water pools, and crossing valleys during flash floods.


The Civil Defence has posted an infographic on its Twitter account to raise public awareness about the dangers of crossing valleys and reefs during torrential flow, stating that violators will face fines of up to SR10,000.

The public is also advised to refrain from swimming in torrential streams, valleys, and water swamps during rainfall, as such activities can lead to tragic accidents.

The National Centre of Meteorology announced weather fluctuations and heavy rain, urging students to follow the Madrasati electronic platform.

Due to the bad weather conditions, many educational institutions have suspended in-person classes on Thursday in several areas of the Kingdom, including Asir, Muhayil Asir, Sarat Ubaida, Bisha, Al Namas, Rijal Almaa, Dhahran, Ad Dilam, and Al Kharj. Authorities urged the public to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines to avoid unfortunate incidents during the ongoing heavy rainfall.