Saudi Defence Minister and Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman (C-R), poses with the chiefs of staff of the Saudi-led Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition during a meeting in the capital Riyadh on March 27, 2016. Image Credit: AFP

Manama: Military chiefs from Muslim nations have pledged to reinforce their combat against terrorism, and to dry up terrorists’ resources.

Brigadier General Ahmad Al Assiri, the Saudi military spokesperson, said that the representatives of the newly-formed Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition will not limit their fight to Daesh, but will confront terrorism in general.

Al Assiri, who was briefing the media following the first meeting of the coalition in the Saudi capital Riyadh, said that the representatives from 39 countries focused on the ideological, financial, military and media aspects to combat terrorism.

The purpose of the meeting was to lay the foundations for the operations by the Islamic coalition, and the members were keen on operating under the umbrella of international legitimacy, Al Assiri said, adding that the coalition will coordinate all the efforts in combating terrorism in general.

The coalition will not interfere in any of its member states unless it is upon its requests and according to international agreements.

Sunday’s meeting did not address specific cases, such as Hezbollah and its classification as a terrorist group, but worked out an operation mechanism, Al Assiri said, according to reports from Riyadh.

The Syrian case will be discussed at later meetings by the coalition.