Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Qatar’s Ministry of the Interior has issued a terror list comprising 19 individuals and eight entities.

The list included 10 persons who had been previously listed in the three lists issued by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, the Quartet that has boycotted Qatar since June 5 for supporting extremists and funding terrorism.

While the Arab Quartet welcomed the issuance of the list, it pointed out that Qatar has procrastinated in submitting it, which has been a demand of the Quartet since the crisis broke out.

“Qatar confirms the evidence against it and that its support for extremism and terrorism is the core of its crisis,” UAE State Minister of Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash posted on his Twitter account.

Observers believe Qatar is finally buckling under US pressure to resolve the crisis where it had been previously dragging its feet and avoiding responsibility.

The list reportedly includes 11 Qataris, four Egyptians, two Saudis and two Jordanians as well as six entities from Qatar, Daesh Sinai branch and Al Ihsan Charitable Society from Yemen.

Among the most prominent names on the list is Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimi who was designated as terrorist by the US government in December 2013 and the UN in September 2014 for providing financial support to terrorist organisations.

The US Department of the Treasury described Al Nuaimi, 64, as providing millions of dollars to Al Qaida in Iraq.

He also provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to Al Qaida members in Syria, Al Shabaab members from Somalia, and to Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula via a charity in Yemen.

In December 2016, Al Nuaimi issued a public call for support in the form of weapons, men, and money for Islamist militants in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Al Nuaimi formerly served as the head of the Qatar Football Association, was a founder and board member of Eid Charity in Qatar (also placed on the terror list), and served as a top advisor to the government of Qatar on charitable donations.

During his activities in support of Al Qaida, Al Nuaimi co-founded and led the Geneva-based front organisation Al Karama Foundation, which served to pressure Gulf governments to release detained Al Qaida members, including several Qatari accomplices also sanctioned as terrorists.

Al Nuami was on the list of terror-linked individuals, entities issued by the Quartet in July.

In Geneva, prominent jurists have called on the international community to condemn Qatar and stop its support for terrorist organisations.

They have also called on international human rights organisations to end their policy of ignoring Qatar’s practices and its human rights record.

During a seminar organised by the Arab Federation for Human Rights, on the sidelines of the 37th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the jurists expressed their dissatisfaction at Qatar’s continuing and unrepentant support for terrorists and extremist organisations.

The participants at the seminar agreed that justice cannot be guaranteed and terrorism cannot be stopped completely unless those responsible are held accountable.

When the International Criminal Court was established, its main role was to not let criminals escape justice, they added.

They warned that the silence on Qatar’s practices sends a wrong message to those aggrieved by terrorism and threatens the right to life, which is a key human right, as well as the right to liberty and personal security, the UAE news agency (WAM) reported.

They affirmed that Qatar’s role in acts of terrorism in Bahrain and Yemen, as well as in Egypt and Libya, is no longer secret, and there are no doubts about the connection between Qatari authorities and terrorism. They also revealed key evidence that confirms Doha’s financial, media and operational support for terrorist organisations in these countries.

The jurists expressed their surprise that human rights organisations have overlooked Qatar’s human rights record. “Qatar is depicted in the international community as a supporter of human rights, but many human rights organisations have not noticed its internal human rights record,” they said in conclusion.

List of the individuals designated as terrorists by Qatar

1. Abdul Rahman Umair Al Nuaimi (Qatari)

2. Saad Saeed Mohammad Sharyan Al Kaabi (Qatari)

3. Abdul Lateef Abdullah Saleh Mohammad Al Kawari (Qatari)

4. Ebrahim Eisa Hajji Mohammad Al Baker (Qatari)

5. Mubarak Mohammad Misaad Ali Al Ajji (Qatari)

6. Khalid Saeed Fadhl Rashid Al Buainain (Qatari)

7. Rashed Salem Rashed Mohammad Abu Qaba (Qatari)

8. Mohammad Faysal Hamad Al Jabr Al Suwaidi (Qatari)

9. Mohammad Jaber Salem Mishaab (Qatari)

10. Abdullah Sulaiman Saad Abdullah Thamer (Qatari)

11. Abdullah Mohammad Shaker Shamseddeen Al Shibani (Qatari)

12. Ebrahim Mohammad Abdul Rahman Al Bawardi (Saudi)

13. Abdullah Mohammad Salman Al Muhaisni (Saudi)

14. Dhahi Mohammad Mustafa Mustafa Sinjar (Egyptian)

15. Ahmad Sameer Mohammad Al Habib Al Tunaijir (Egyptian)

16. Ahmad Eid Salem Al Hajawi (Egyptian)

17. Hassan Saad Shetiwi (Egyptian)

18. Abdul Malik Mohammad Yousef Othman Abdul Salma (Jordanian)

19. Ashraf Mohammad Yousef Othman Abdul Salam (Egyptian)


List of the entities designated as terrorists by Qatar

1. Al Ansar for Mobiles, Car Rental and Real Estate (Qatari)

2. Tiftinaz for Trade and Contracting (Qatari)

3. Jebel Omar for Trade and Contracting (Qatari)

4. Khairat for Trade and Contracting (Qatari)

5. Al Dhahaibya for Umbrellas and Tents (Qatari)

6. Al Ihitida for Furniture and Décor (Qatari)

7. Al Ihsan Charitable Society (Yemeni)

8. Daesh Sinai Branch (Egyptian)