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Image Credit: Oman TV

Dubai: The Arabic hashtag #Sultan_Qaboos flooded the internet on Wednesday as thousands of residents and citizens posted heart-warming photos of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said of Oman.

Following news reports of the Sultan’s poor health, citizens of the Gulf States showed their solidarity with their Omani counterparts and voiced their support and dedication to the Middle East’s longest serving ruler.

Sultan Qaboos came to power in a bloodless coup in 1970 and has ruled over the country for 49 years. He has since transformed the Gulf country in different domains and made Oman an influential mediator in regional tensions.

Bin Rashid aka @3li__88 prayed God to grant Sultan Qaboos strength and a speedy recovery, and said that “there is no exception other than a recovery.”

Oman World, a social networking platform that shares videos, images, news and info-graphics about Oman, explained that Sultan Qaboos has promised Oman and its people of a better future, and pointed out that the happiness and welfare of Omanis has always been a goal.

@world_oman shared black-and-white footage of a speech made by Sultan Qaboos in what appears to be during his early days as ruler. In the video, viewers can hear Sultan Qaboos say: “Omani people, I will proceed as quickly as possible to make you live happily with a brighter future. Each and every one of you must play his or her part towards this duty. Yesterday, Oman was in darkness [but] tomorrow a new dawn will rise for Oman and its people.”

“Pray for his majesty” were the simple but pure words tweeted by Sara aka @Saraa_024, who shared a throwback photo of Sultan Qaboos with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and the Queen Mother.

Sultan Qaboos shares a strong bond with the United Kingdom and has a personal attachment to the country after spending his youth at the British Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst.

Mohamed Al Hawal posted a photograph of Princess Diana doing a curtesy to Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, which was taken during her visit at Al Alam Palace in Muscat, on November 11, 1986.

In Oman, the Princess of Wales was taken on a royal tour to Jebel Akhdar, posing for photographers at the tourist-spot which is now known as “Diana’s Point”.

Others took a more poetic approach as they shared their sentiments to the beloved ruler.

Lulu (@AmLulu5) said: “Oh Sir Qaboos, who can be compared to you? Oh majestic… The people of Oman remain loyal to you and Oman ... We remain forever loyal ... It is love, sir. Love of the leader to his people, and the love of the people to the leader.”