Saif Al Alawi was found with stab wounds in a Cairo apartment. Image Credit: Source: Embassy of Oman

Dubai: The Embassy of Oman in Egypt has confirmed the death of an Omani citizen, Hood bin Saif Al Alawi, in his apartment in Cairo.

Saif Al Alawi was not only a distinguished diplomat but also a prominent media personality. He had served as a media adviser at the Omani embassy in Cairo until 2019, contributing significantly to Oman’s international image.

Prior to his diplomatic role, he held the position of Assistant Director General for External Media at the Omani Ministry of Information.

On its official website, the embassy expressed deep sorrow and confirmed its commitment to cooperating with the Egyptian authorities to investigate the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

The news of Al Alawi’s untimely death reached the embassy on Monday morning, sending shockwaves through diplomatic circles.

The investigation into Al Alawi’s death revealed that he owned an apartment in Cairo’s Mohandessin area, which he frequently used as a vacation spot.

He had recently returned to Cairo but had been out of contact for an extended period.

Body discovered

Concerned for his well-being, his private lawyer informed the authorities, prompting them to conduct a welfare check.

When the authorities entered his apartment, they discovered Al Alawi’s body, and initial reports suggest he had suffered from multiple stab wounds.

Egyptian security services’ team is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death.

Initial investigations revealed that during Al Alawi’s tenure in the country, he purchased a villa. However, when his work in Egypt concluded, he exited the country and left the villa unattended.

Upon his return to Egypt recently, he was shocked to find that his villa had been occupied. Unscrupulous individuals had fabricated ownership contracts and occupied the property in his absence.

Al Alawi filed a case. Despite the challenges and threats that arose from pursuing the case, Al Alawi continued to fight for what was rightfully his. However, the pursuit of justice took a tragic turn when, after returning to Egypt in response to his lawyer’s request regarding the ongoing legal battle, he met his untimely death.