Muscat: More than 6,140 foreign workers who stayed back illegally in Oman have so far applied for the amnesty to leave the country without being penalised.

Some 8,000 illegal workers also got in touch with their embassies in Oman looking to get their documents in order to apply for the amnesty, an official at the Ministry of Manpower told Gulf News.

Moreover, 985 illegal workers applied at the Ministry of Manpower to correct their status.

“This comes within the pursuit of the Ministry of Manpower to restore balance through the creation of a stable working environment and productive national manpower,” the official said.

The official pointed out that more illegal workers were expected to apply for the amnesty. “We expect more than 14,000 illegal workers taking advantage from the amnesty.”

Oman has declared an amnesty for illegal foreign workers to leave the country without being penalised from May 3 until July 30.

The amnesty will only apply to absconding workers and those who have overstayed their visa periods. Infiltrators will not be included in the amnesty, the official told Gulf News.

Meanwhile, Oman has intensified its campaign against infiltrators and illegal foreign workers by carrying out weekly inspection campaigns and raids.

400 illegal workers and infiltrators were arrested last week nationwide.

Earlier, Salim Al Badi, Director-General of Labour Welfare at the Ministry of Manpower, said that 214,000 expatriates workers violated the labour law in 2014.

More than 1,239 inspection visits have been conducted in companies so far in 2015.