Kuwait City
An aerial view of Kuwait City. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Seven iron and copper poles were reported stolen from Kuwait’s Fourth Ring Road in a brazen act of theft, according to an official from the Ministry of Electricity.

The incident, reported to the Sulaibiya police station on the evening of October 31, has prompted a criminal investigation.

The informant detailed that the poles, integral to the area’s infrastructure, were meticulously dismantled by the perpetrator(s) who removed the copper wires and bases of the poles before making away with them.

Following the report, a criminal case was promptly registered. Forensic experts were summoned to the scene to scrutinise the area and gather crucial evidence that could shed light on the individuals responsible for this theft.

Detectives have been assigned to delve deeper into the matter, with a focus on gathering information that could lead to the identification and apprehension of the culprits involved.