Smart machines check patients' temperatures, serve medication, food Image Credit: Social Media

Cairo: Bahrain has introduced robots into places where patients of the new coronavirus are isolated and treated in an effort to protect health workers from contracting the potentially fatal virus, officials have said

“This experiment is the first of its kind in Bahrain and has been done to utilise artificial intelligence technology and determine the scope of its benefits in providing medical care in isolation and treatment centres," Undersecretary at the Health Ministry Dr Walid Bin Khalifa said.

The use of robots is aimed at maximising protection for health care workers and limiting their direct contact with the COVID-19 patients, Fatma Abdul Wahed, an assistant undersecretary at the ministry's resources and services department said.

The ministry has cooperated with a French company in using two robots on a trial basis to assess their effectiveness in providing health care, according to the official.

The robots are used in offering such nursing services as checking the patient's body temperature as well as serving medication and food.

"One robot, who can speak 12 different languages, offers these services, while the second sterilises surfaces, rooms and buildings," Fatma added.

The robots are fitted with sensors and cameras that put them in contact with the surrounding environment as they move around. They can also communicate with patients and the staff.