Manama: Bahrain on Tuesday evening said that it had arrested 15 people for “indulging in abusive activities to cause chaos” in the town of Malkiya south of Manama during the Ashoura commemorations last week.

Ashoura commemorates the death of Hussain Ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and includes street processions and meetings in community centres.

The authorities gave the names of the 15 suspects, including two security guards.

The Director-General of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science said that investigations had revealed Iranian Revolutionary Guards had financed the operation through terrorists living as fugitives in Iran, mainly the members of the February 14 group.

He said the investigation had also shown the “gang of vandals” was being directed by a person who had been arrested in a terrorism case in February.

Legal action has been taken in the case and those arrested have been referred to the Public Prosecutor.

The Director-General warned that any activities that disturbed civil peace and harmed the social harmony would be tackled in accordance with the law.