20230823 greece
A firefighter operates during a wildfire near the northeastern town of Alexandroupolis, Greece. Image Credit: AP

Athens: A 'really difficult' wildfire in northeastern Greece, fanned by high winds, raged on for a second day on Sunday, causing more evacuations while authorities issued extreme fire risk warnings for Monday.

"the fire brigade, volunteers, the army, police and local authorities are waging a huge battle with the fire in Alexandroupolis",said Civil Protection and Climate Crisis Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

He urged residents to be cautious due to the forecast for extreme risk of fire on Monday.

'The Fire Risk Forecast Map for Monday is on red for Corinthia, the Attica Peninsula, Viotia, Argoilda and the island of Evia, he said.

Firefighters battled 53 wildfires in the previous 24 hours, according to a statement.

Regarding a large forest fire that broke out early Saturday near Alexandroupolis in northeastern Greece, the fire brigade warned locals to protect themselves from the suffocating smoke, as some villages were evacuated as a precaution.

According to the latest information, wildfires, fanned by heavy winds, are moving along three main fronts with the largest southeast of the village Loutros. heading to Monastiraki and Doriko.

Fire Brigade spokesman, Giannis Artopios, told OPEN tv that an operation was underway to prevent fire from reaching an animal rescue center near the village of Doriko, with more than 80 animals.

A major highway in the area was closed by authorities on Sunday causing the closure of border crossing between Turkey and Greece at Ipsala, according to state- run ERT tv.