Philippine Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello visits Filipina rape victim Irma Edloy in Riyadh hospital.The victim died Thursday night at 11:45pm, according to news reports. Image Credit: Facebook

Manila: Philippine government officials called for an investigation into the case of an overseas Filipina worker (OFW) who died in a hospital in Riyadh after allegedly suffering abuse.

“The department of foreign affairs will continue to do whatever is necessary for Ms Irma Edloy and her family, including the repatriations of her remains,” Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose said on Friday.

“There will be legal action against the perpetrator, especially if the legal report indicates that Ms. Edloy passed due to her wounds from any maltreatment,” said Jose.

Edloy died on Thursday night, according Philippine media reports. Philippine Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello III visited her earlier during an emergency trip to Riyadh to help repatriate thousands of Filipino workers who lost their jobs and are stranded in Saudi Arabia.

Edloy had a stroke when her alleged abuser visited her at a hospital in Riyadh, said Congressman Aniceto “John” Bertiz, of ACTS OFW, a sectoral party at the House of Representatives.

“She had a heart attack immediately after seeing her employer at the hospital,” said Berliz. Some suggested that she may have been raped.

“She may be gone, but every effort must be made to make sure that her case will not be buried and forgotten,” said Berliz.

Edloy had bruises on her body and lacerations on her private parts when brought to the hospital, nurses at the hospital said.

About 1.8 million OFWs are based in the Middle East. A total of 10 million OFWs are based worldwide, representing 10 per cent of 100,000 Filipinos in the Philippines.