Madrasa teacher in Karachi
Video of madrasa teacher in Karachi beating a young girl goes viral Image Credit: Twitter

On August 21, a video of a madrasa teacher in the city of Karachi, Pakistan, went viral as he was seen brutally beating a minor girl. After the clip sparked outrage online, Sindh police have reportedly taken action.

In the video, the teacher is seen repeatedly hitting the girl with an object as she screams and cries for help. As soon as the cameraperson approaches the teacher, he seems to stop and the video ends.

The clip also shows the room to be filled with many other young girls in the classroom.

Tweep @MirPAK5 shared the video and wrote: “Ahmad Saeed tortures innocent children in madrasa. Khalid Bin Waleed, Orangi Town, Mominabad Zia Colony. When the father complained, the father of the children was beaten by all the [teachers] in the mosque […] Mominabad police station refuses to take action.”

Outrage on social media

The clip caused outrage on Twitter as many netizens asked for action to be taken against the teacher.

Tweep @sak386 wrote: “The easy way out would be for parents to stop sending the kids to such madrasa but that will not solve problem of violence/physical/mental abuse/torture. Not sure why police won’t take action? Media should air video on TV. [ignorance] at the worse place.”

Referring to similar incidents that have surfaced in the country in the past, Twitter user @elainemumtaz posted: “These videos are heartbreaking but we all are actually just numb watching it especially in Pakistan, I hope authorities do something about it.”

Now, politician Murtaza Wahab, who is the current advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh on law, anti-corruption establishment, and information, tweeted saying action has been taken against the culprits.

Sharing a picture of two people, including the teacher seen in the video, behind bars, he, @murtazawahab1, wrote: “Action taken.”