The four men guilty of raping and torturing a student on a moving bus in Delhi, in 2012, will be hanged. India’s Supreme Court finally passed the verdict after almost six years and tweeps are emotional.

Hashtag #NirbhayaVerdict became the top trend in India on Monday afternoon after India’s top court confirmed its earlier decision, rejecting the convicts’ request for reduction of their death sentence to a life term.

Indians took to Twitter to welcome the decision and praise the Supreme Court(SC). @indrajeet9 tweeted: “Finally there is justice for #Nirbhaya. Hon. #SupremeCourt upholds death sentence. Right precedence and must become a deterrent to criminal behaviour in the future. The #DelhiPolice and the judicial system should be commended.”

Tweep @sujay_kantawala posted: “Hail SC’s dismissal of review of Nirbhaya’s rapists. An assurance that crime doesn’t go unpunished! Death penalty will serve as a deterrent to crimes against women.”

Many said this was a necessary step to ensure crimes against women reduce in India. @im_saiganesh wrote: “Only death can induce fear among the people and reduce the percentage of such crimes. #NirbhayaVerdict”

But, some pointed out that the incidence of rape is on the rise, with recent reports stating India to be one of the most unsafe countries in the world for women.

@hum_bolega posted: “Don’t know which way our country [India] is heading. Since 2012 we have had plethora of rape cases across the country, seems capital punishment - yes or no hasn’t deterred many!”

On December 16, 2012, six people, including a juvenile, brutally assaulted and raped a 23-year-old paramedic student in a moving bus in South Delhi. The victim and her male friend were later thrown off the bus. Thirteen days later, the victim succumbed to her injuries in a Singapore hospital. The incident led to an outpour of anger and grief by millions across the country demanding greater protection for women from sexual violence.

The four convicts of the Nirbhaya case were awarded death sentence by the High Court but there was a delay in carrying out the sentence. The fifth accused, Ram Singh, committed suicide in jail.

However, the juvenile accused was released after completing mandatory probation period in a remand home.

Many raised concern that he got off scot free. @iamnavamohan tweeted: “The juvenile allowed to walk free. He was old enough to commit a heinous crime like rape but not old enough for punishment. Why? Sometimes ‘judiciary’ needs to be strict and merciless, otherwise number of criminals will increase day by day. #NirbhayaVerdict #Nirbhaya #SupremeCourt”

In 2015, Nirbhaya’s juvenile rapist was awarded rehabilitation by the Delhi government, which included a sewing machine and a one-time financial grant of Rs10,000 to set up a tailoring shop.

@ek_tho tweeted: “Hey ladies - Mohammed Afroz is still stitching our blouses in Delhi somewhere. The fifth juvenile who inserted the rod into Nirbhaya and took her intestine out.”

However, most tweeps were happy that justice was finally served after six long years. @Sir_AD28: “Justice after almost 6 long years. Well done SC. #JusticeForNirbhaya #NirbhayaVerdict #Nirbhaya”