Jolly murder lawyer
BA Aloor has represented accused in several criminal cases that garnered heavy media attention in Kerala Image Credit: Facebook/B A Aloor

Advocate BA Aloor, who made headlines in several high profile murder-rape crimes in Kerala, is now set to represent Jolly Joseph according to regional media.

Jolly, prime accused in the murder of six people in her family, has been in judicial remand for the past week. Aloor said that the defence has been confirmed and Jolly would sign the required papers on Thursday, Manorama Online reported. 

Who is this lawyer?

The lawyer has made a name for himself within Kerala, defending the accused in several heinous crimes.

The first case where Aloor came into the spotlight was when he represented Govindachamy, a Tamil Nadu native, accused in the Soumya rape-murder case of 2011.

Govindachamy gravely injured and then raped a 23-year-old woman, Soumya. She was pushed off the train, leading to fatal injuries. He then raped her and left her naked and injured. She died later from her injuries.

With Aloor's defence, the accused got his death sentence, for murder, changed to a seven-year imprisonment verdict for rape.

The next case that Aloor took up also got a lot of media attention - he represented Ameer ul-Islam, accused in the sensational Jisha murder case. Jisha, a 29-year-old, was found dead at home by her mother in 2016. Her body was mutilated and she had been stabbed around 30 times - according to media reports. It was later thought that she may have died while resisting a rape attempt.

24-year-old Ameer-ul-Islam, a labourer from Assam, was found guilty of the crime and Aloor represented him in court. Ameer-ul-Islam confessed to the crime and said it was hate, revenge-driven. He was given a life sentence of rigorous imprisonment.

Jolly's case

Undertaking Jolly's case fits Aloor's usual bill of representing the accused in murder or rape crimes. Jolly has been accused of poisoning and killing six of her family members using cyanide - including her first husband. Investigations are ongoing and the accused will be transferred to police custody for seven days.