New Delhi: ChinmCitizenship (Amendment) Actoy Biswal, DCP, South-East Delhi on Monday said that police tried to douse the flames by asking for waters from locals, to save the buses that were put on fire by the anti-social elements during Sunday's protest at an area near Jamia Nagar.

"The protesters created blockade at Mathura Road and burnt buses there. In order to disperse them, we resorted to firing tear-gas. After which they targeted two more buses on their way and a police motorcycle. They tried to set these on fire," said Biswal.

"This allegation that (police burnt buses) is an absolute lie. When the mob was setting fire to properties, police tried to douse the fire by asking for water from residents. As far as the particular bus is concerned, Police saved it by using water from a bottle," he added while responding to queries about a police personnel's action that has gone viral over social media.

He requested that Jamia students to not pay heed to rumours being spread by anti-social elements.

"I appeal to Jamia students, that the image of University gets affected when anti-social elements join their protests. Protests should be peaceful and disciplined," he said.

Delhi Police have registered two FIRs pertaining to property damage and riots in connection with the violence that erupted during the protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Jamia Nagar area.

The protests against Citizenship (Amendment) Act led to clashes between the police and students and left several injured. Some students today also protested at the gate of the University demanding action against Delhi Police for their alleged 'crackdown' on protesters