The combined might of the US and Nato troops has failed thus far to contain an energised Taliban who have regrouped and are giving the western powers a tutorial in the art of effective warfare. Image Credit: AP

Kandahar: The governor of Kandahar province demanded more security on Sunday after 12 coordinated explosions in Afghanistan's largest southern city killed dozens of people in the Taliban heartland.

The attacks around Kandahar city Saturday night included two car bombs, six suicide attackers on motorbikes and bicycles plus four homemade bombs, Gov. Tooryalai Wesa said.

At least 33 people died, including 10 women and children attending a wedding celebration in a hall next to a police station that was targeted.

Among the targets of Saturday night's explosions were a newly fortified prison and police headquarters. Wesa said at least six police officers were among the dead.

Another roadside bomb Sunday morning targeted a car carrying Pakistani construction workers south of the city in the district of Dand, Wesa said. Four of the Pakistani workers and their Afghan driver were wounded.

Wesa told reporters on Sunday he had asked the central government in Kabul for more Afghan troops to be sent to protect the city in the run-up to the expected offensive.

He also that he also wants to coordinate with Nato forces to improve security.