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President His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is undisputedly a distinguished sage and a visionary leader whose achievements have amazed the world during the second half of the 20th century, a book published by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has said.

The book which was published on the occasion of 32nd anniversary of the UAE National Day, features the UAE success story under the leadership of Sheikh Zayed, beginning with his majestic dream for the country to his regional role and contribution to greater Arab and Islamic causes.

The 265-page book, Zayed a Nation in One Man, is written in English and Arabic.

The book recounts how Sheikh Zayed made history by turning an arid and hostile desert into a green and hospitable environment, in addition to his ability to use the country's resources to bring about an enduring prosperity to his people.

In so doing, Sheikh Zayed skillfully charted the way to the future for many UAE generations to come.

On the personal qualities of Sheikh Zayed, the book said that he stands out as a distinguished sage, a giant figure in the history of the Arabian peninsula who is truly blessed with the noble qualities of humility, magnanimity and love for humanity and humanitarian causes.

His stature and leadership style makes him one of the most distinguished contemporary leaders of the Arab world, the book added.

Recounting major landmarks in the political history of Sheikh Zayed, the book said that apart from widely known events such as his coming to power in Abu Dhabi emirate in 1966, his role in the formation of the UAE federation in 1971, his contribution to the GCC formation in 1981, there were other events that shaped the region and the Arab world in which Sheikh Zayed was the main architect.

These include his role in the Arab summit in Amman in 1987, during which he pressed for an end to the Iraq-Iran war. The summit eventually adopted his view and war was ended in the following year.

He also pressed for the return of Egypt into the Arab fold and was the first to resume relations with Cairo. This is in addition to his role in seeking an end to the Lebanese civil war and his continued support for the Palestinian cause.