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Immigration — the very word brings up a wide range of hopes as well as underlying emotions sustaining them. This includes a good life for your family; better career opportunities for you; and a high-quality education and healthcare system for all.

While immigration might mean diverse things to different individuals, the driving force behind relocating overseas is seeking a better life.

Immigration can be quite a life-transforming experience even for an individual immigrating on their own for the moment.

However, when you decide to immigrate with your family in tow, the decisions are not just for yours alone to take.

The effort to come up with the most ideally-suited immigration programme for a family can be quite overwhelming, to say the least.

Even with professionals guiding you with the visa and immigration process, you must be assured of the right assistance at all times.

From 1999, Y-Axis has been helping many realise their overseas ambitions. These could be for any reason — migrate overseas, study overseas, or work overseas.

With over 20 years of an immaculate track record to its credit, Y-Axis gets over 50 per cent of their clients by word of mouth alone.

In visa and immigration, the right advice can help you get it right the first time itself.

No one can guarantee a visa. Nevertheless, submission of a decision ready application definitely improves the chances of your visa being granted by the concerned government.

With Y-Axis by your side, you can take all the right decisions with perfect confidence.

The company offers a streamlined immigration process for the country most ideally-suited for your needs.

Canada, the most-accepting country for an immigrant, is also among the top three countries to immigrate to post-Covid-19.

With the right guidance, an international student who opts to study in Canada, can choose courses with the most potential for Canadian permanent residence later on, should they decide to settle in Canada after the completion of their programme.

Y-Axis, offering the perfect blend of experience and expertise, can be your dependable mentor for a life in Canada, either for the short term as a student or worker, or for life as a permanent resident.