A view of the majestic Jebel Jais mountain in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates from the highest viewing area during sunset.
Image Credit: Shutterstock

UAE residents woke up to cool weather on Tuesday morning. While temperatures in coastal parts of the country, including Dubai and Sharjah, were around 16°C, temperatures in the mountainous parts of Ras Al Khaimah dipped below 5°C.

According to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), the lowest temperature ​recorded over the country today morning was 4.7°C in Jais Mountain (in Ras Al Khaimah) at 5.15am.

Today's NCM weather forecast says that clear to partly cloudly skies will prevail ​​​​, with an overall dip in temperatures as compared to the previous week. Few internal parts of the country reported fog early morning. 

However, cloudy skies and scattered showers are expected tomorrow, February 28, and Thursday, February 29.

Explaining the weather system expected between Wednesday and Friday, the NCM alert read: "The country will be affected by a surface low-pressure system from the Southwest, and an extension of an upper-air low-pressure system, accompanied by a western jetstream with different amounts of clouds flowing from the West at intervals."

Chance of heavy rain on Wednesday and Thursday

"Partly cloudy to cloudy at times over scattered areas of the country, with a chance of light to moderate rainfall in general and heavy at times over some areas especially northern, eastern, and southern areas. Then the Western areas of the country will be affected by Northwesterly winds, which will be strong at times.

"From Thursday noon time, temperatures will decrease, and the amount of clouds will gradually decrease by Thursday night," it added.

Light to moderate winds are expected on Thursday by noon. Strong winds are expected over the sea and in coastal areas, with the development of clouds. This may cause dust and sandstorms at times.

The sea will be moderate becoming rough to very rough at times on Thursday in the Arabian Gulf and slight to moderate and rough by Thursday night in Oman Sea.

Cloudy weather in eastern regions on Friday

According to the NCM alert: "Clouds will appear over some eastern areas and may be convective with a chance of rainfall during the daytime, on Friday."

No rainfall is predicted in the coastal parts of the country on Friday, as of yet.