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Abu Dhabi: The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has called on the public to follow the weather forecasts in the coming days due to expectations of a tropical situation in the Arabian Sea on Saturday.

The tropical situation will coincide with a low atmospheric pressure in western India and another upper air low pressure  over Oman coasts, the NCM said.

According to the available data, a tropical storm is likely to form over the Arabian Sea, beginning next week, the NCM said in a tweet.

The sea temperature in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea is now between 30 degree and 31 and a low atmospheric pressure is developing in western India and this will be associated with upper air low pressure, high humidity and low vertical wind shear.

The low atmospheric pressure is expected to develop into a tropical storm in the Arabian Sea on Saturday, October 6, and will then move into the middle of the Arabian Sea. Based on the current data, the tropical storm’s track will be towards Oman coasts; however, tropical storm’s tracks and severity are usually and rapidly changing. 

Fog on Friday

The NCM has also warned about foggy conditions on Friday in parts of UAE. It has urged motorists to follow traffic rules and instructions and to be cautious on roads due to low horizontal visibility of less than 1,000 meters caused by the formation of fog in some coastal and inland areas from 1:00am till 8am of Friday.