20240415 sharjah unstable weather
Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Don't put those umbrellas away yet! The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) just issued a fresh weather alert warning of a second wave of wet weather.

The NCM stated that from Tuesday afternoon to early Wednesday morning, another wave of unstable weather is expected to begin from Western areas and spread across scattered areas of the country.

The weather bureau also shared regular yellow and amber alerts, indicating the development of rainy clouds.

The cloud cover will gradually increase, causing rainfall of different intensities, lightning, thunder, and a probability of hail in some areas.

On Tuesday afternoon, residents in Dubai's Silicon Oasis reported experiencing heavy to moderate rainfall, accompanied by hail.

The NCM added that, from Wednesday morning to afternoon, some rain-bearing clouds will form over coastal areas and then will concentrate over Eastern and Northern regions, with the clouds gradually decreasing by Wednesday noon.

According to an NCM meteorologist: “From Wednesday morning to afternoon some rainy clouds will form over coastal areas, then concentrate over Eastern and Northern and the clouds gradually decrease by Wednesday noon.”

On Tuesday, heavy rain, thunder, and lightning affected most parts of the UAE, causing schools and offices to function remotely.

Authorities from all the emirates have shared safety alerts that are to be followed till the end of the unstable weather period.

Motorists have been urged to drive with caution on slippery roads and while driving when visibility is low due to rain or dust.

People have also been asked to avoid going to areas which are prone to flash flooding in rainy weather.