A resident protect herself from the sun on a hot and humid afternoon in Dubai. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai Temperatures across the country are expected to stay high this week with a prediction that some areas will touch the high 40s.

According to National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), residents can expect hot and hazy weather conditions with light to moderate winds that could blow up some dust in exposed areas.

In Dubai, daytime temperatures recorded on Tuesday is expected to be around 39°C, but could feel like its 43°C, according to UAE weathermen. 

The humidity level in Dubai is at 33 per cent, while in Abu Dhabi the humidity is at 35 per cent and temperatures touch 38°C.

In some areas, however, the heat is expected to feel upwards of 45°C with recorded temperatures being 41°C to 42°C.

These include Al Malaiha, Falaj Al Moalla, Ras Ghanada and Abu Al Abyad. Day time temperatures are coolest around Jebel Hafeet at 27°C, expected to feel like 20°C.   

Minimum temperatures recorded on Tuesday morning show the temperatures dipping to 26.3°C in Ras Ghanadah – the lowest today in the UAE.

Lows in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the morning range around 32°C and 33°C respectively.

Maximum temperatures released by the NCM on Monday were around 40°C in Dubai and around 45°C in Abu Dhabi. Mezaira, at 47.5°C, recorded the day's highest temperature in the country at around 3.30pm.