Gulf News reader James Nimmo took this picture of lightning striking Shaikh Zayed Road. Scroll down to download this as a desktop wallpaper. Image Credit: James Nimmo/Gulf News Reader

Dubai: There is a chance of rain today over the northern and eastern areas of the country, but it will be sunny in Dubai, according to weather forecasters.

The Abu Dhabi meteorological office has advised those pursuing outdoor activities, especially in the Northern Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and also Oman, that it could be risky due to sudden bad weather.

Click here to download a desktop wallpaper of the thunderstorm

Click here to download a reader wallpaper of the thunderstorm

Humidity is likely to increase early morning today with a chance of mist and fog in the western and internal areas. Early morning commuters are advised to drive slowly as visibility will be low. It will be very cold over the mountainous areas and inland with night time temperatures hovering between 4 and 10 C.

Tomorrow, it will be partly cloudy with a slight rise in daytime temperatures. It will be pleasant during the day and cold by night, especially over the mountains and internal areas.

Relative humidity is likely to increase during night till early morning again over the western areas, Dubai, Sharjah and internal areas with a chance of mist and fog again.

There was a thunderstorm over Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates on Sunday night, but the rainfall was not heavy. Dubai Airport recorded 2.2 mm of rain and Sharjah a little more at 2.4 mm.

Though the rainfall was low, some of the areas were flooded because of bad drainage systems, residents said. Sharjah and Dubai experienced record rains over two days in December, which caused flooding of roads and created traffic jams.

Sharjah met office said there was a possibility of rain today and a chance of bad weather. It warned those going to the seaside to be on their guard.

Quick takes

  • 2.2mm: of rain recorded in Dubai Airport during the thunderstorm
  • 2.4mm: of rain fell in Sharjah on Sunday night during the thunderstorm

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