Dubai: Light to moderate rain was reported in Fujairah on Thursday afternoon, bringing a slight respite from the heat.

Rain clouds formed in the eastern part of the country, bringing in showers at around 1.45pm over the Shaikh Khalifa Road in Fujairah, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said.

The weather bureau raised the yellow warning in Fujairah and neighbouring areas on Thursday afternoon, as cloud activity associated with fresh winds — with speeds of between 20 kilometres per hour to 30km/h and gusts reaching 40km/h — were expected to cause visibility to deteriorate to 2,000 metres at times.

Convective rain-bearing clouds are expected to form over the same parts of the country this weekend.

Humidity levels in Fujairah had been relatively high over the past few days, reaching up to 90 per cent.

The western part of the country will also remain humid over the next days, between 90 per cent and 92 per cent in Sila and Al Ruwais on Friday and Saturday. The high humidity might cause mist to form in the early morning.

Across the country, south-easterly to north-easterly and northerly winds with gusts reaching 42km/h might kick up dust and cause hazy conditions on Friday.

Similar conditions are expected on Saturday and Sunday.

The Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea will see slight to moderate waves on Friday and Saturday.