Dubai: There will be plenty of sunshine for the Eid holidays for those who love the outdoors in the UAE, while mild temperatures will greet revellers at night.

Monday and Tuesday will be hot to moderately hot during the day with temperatures in Dubai ranging from 30C to 37C, in Sharjah from 28C to 38C, and in Abu Dhabi from 29C to 40C, according to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology.

Evening temperatures will drop to a minimum of 26C to 31C along the coast, while in the mountains it will be a lot cooler at 21C to 25C.

Some areas will be partly cloudy and hazy such as Fujairah, Al Ain and Jebel Jais. Some low clouds will develop over the eastern and southern areas, with the probability of towering cumulus clouds during afternoon, especially on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wind will be moderate in general, freshening at times, and causing some blowing dust or haze over open areas on Wednesday and Thursday.

Motorists who drive late at night and at dawn should exercise caution especially along coastal areas as humidity will increase during these times, resulting in fog or mist formation on the first and second day of Eid.

There will be no issues for those who want to head out to sea for a swim as the Arabian Gulf will be slight to moderately rough on Sunday and Monday. But it will be rough at times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The Oman Sea will be moderate on Monday, becoming rough on Tuesday and Wednesday.