Rain hits part of UAE
Rain hits part of UAE on May 22, Monday. Image Credit: Screenshot from @officialuaeweather/Instagram

Dubai: Rain hit parts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s southern region on Monday afternoon.

According to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), cloudy conditions prevailed across the UAE, especially in the southern part of the country. Moderate to heavy rain was reported in parts of Abu Dhabi such as Al Dhafra and Mina Zayed, and light rain was recorded in southern parts of Dubai such as Jebel Ali.

Cloud activity is expected to continue throughout the day, with a chance of light rain later in the afternoon and evening.

Such conditions are expected till Tuesday, with light, scattered rain expected in the south and east of the UAE, such as parts of Abu Dhabi and Fujairah, an NCM official told Gulf News. The cloud activity is expected to decrease gradually.

UAE residents can expect highs of 41 to 45 °C in internal areas, 39 to 42 °C in coastal areas and 28 to 33 °C in mountainous areas.

The convective cloud formation is also causing strong winds, rough seas and dusty conditions across the country, the NCM official said.

The winds are expected to blow at a speed of 10 – 25 km/h, reaching up to 45 km/h at times. The winds are expected to get stronger as the cloud activity increases and the sea is expected to be rough at times.