Dubai: The long weekend is perfect for the outdoors as the UAE is set to have pleasant weather with partly cloudy skies and bearable heat during the day.

The UAE will have fair to partly cloudy skies this weekend becoming cloudy early next week over some areas.

The average temperature during the day will be between 21 and 24 degrees Celsius while early mornings will see minimum temperatures below 20C, with Dubai expected to see 13C on Friday and a maximum temperature of 28C.

Relative humidity will increase over the west, however, at times reaching 100 per cent. Residents planning to drive out of town early for the long weekend heading westward are urged to take caution on the roads as it could be foggy or misty from Friday until Monday.

In Dubai, humidity levels will peak at 94 per cent on Saturday.

Easterly to north-easterly wind with speeds of 15km/h to 25km/h, reaching 38Km/hr will affect the country on Friday and Saturday.

The Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea will be slight to moderate on Friday and Saturday.

It will be humid on Sunday night on National Day that may increase the discomfort of residents who plan to go outdoors.

A dip in temperature during the day is expected, however.

The Arabian Gulf will be moderate on Sunday becoming rough the next day while the Oman Sea will be slight to moderate on Sunday and Monday.