Image Credit: Ahmed Ramazan

Making plans for the long weekend? Here is what the weather will be like over the Eid Al Adha break in the UAE. According to The National Centre of Meteorology, UAE residents can expect partly cloudy, hot and hazy weather over the long weekend.

The NCM weather forecast for the week ahead said: "A gradual rise in temperatures is expected in the coming days, hot weather during daytime and partly cloudy in general and cloudy at times over some areas, especially the Northern and Eastern regions."

Hot weather

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, cloudy weather and rain was reported across many parts of the UAE. The week ahead will also see similar weather in some areas especially in the eastern parts of the country.  The NCM predicted: "... a probability of some local convective clouds that may be rainy over some Eastern and Southern mountainous areas by afternoon hours, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday."

The expected maximum temperatures during this period in coastal areas, like Dubai and Sharjah, will be 39 to 44°C. In internal areas, temperature highs will hit 44 to 47°C, and in mountains areas, maximum temperatures will be between 30 and 36°C.

The expected minimum temperatures during this period will be 30 to 34°C in coastal areas, in internal areas minimum temperatures will be around 29 to 33°C, and in mountainous areas between 25 to 30°C

Expect windy weather to blow dust at times. The NCM said: "Light to moderate Southeasterly to Southwesterly, becoming Northwesterly and Northeasterly by afternoon, will cause blowing dust over exposed areas especially with clouds."

Beach trip plans?

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The sea will be slight to moderately rough in general in the Arabian Gulf, and relatively calm in the Oman Sea, the NCM added.