Rain UAE 0001
The National Centre of Meteorology has issued a yellow warning for cloudy weather, with a chance of rain. Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has warned of "unstable weather conditions" in the UAE, today. Cloudy weather, scattered rainfall, and rough seas are expected in some parts of the country today.

The weather bureau issued a yellow warning indicating clouds in the western parts of the country. According to the NCM forecast: "...the amount of clouds will increase gradually over scattered areas of the country accompanied by some convective clouds associated with rainfall."

Light rain was reported in the Al Dhafrah region of Abu Dhabi at 7.07am.

The clouds are moving over the country, coming in from the west. According to a previous weather warning, rain, thunger, and lightning is expected in some parts of the country, because the UAE "is expected to be affected by an air depression".

The NCM usually monitors convective clouds, which rise upwards and look similar to cotton balls piled on top of one another. The NCM monitors these clouds as they move over the country and dispatches cloud seeding flights, in order to maximise rainfall over the country.

The NCM added that the country will see a significant decrease in temperatures. Maximum temperatures in the coastal parts of the country will be between 22-26°C. Internal areas will see temperatures between 24-28°C, and mountainous regions, 20-15°C. 

Moderate winds are expected in areas with overcast skies. These winds are expected to get stronger at times with clouds, causing blowing dust. The sea will be moderate to rough especially when cloudy over the Arabian Gulf and in the Oman sea.