Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: The weather in the UAE may be getting warmer, but contrary to the latest rumour circulating on WhatsApp, authorities say the country is not going through a heatwave.

A recent message circulating on social media claimed that the temperature will increase between 47C and 50C, and warned residents to take precautions with their vehicles.

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A spokesperson for the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) pointed out that residents should not be alarmed, and assured that the weather is not going to get hotter.

On the contrary, according to previous NCM alerts, the UAE’s weather has already reached its peak last June. The highest temperature was recorded on June 2, 2018, at 50.8C in Mezaira.

The fake news alert also warned residents to fuel their car only in the evening, and never to completely fill your car with petrol. 

To ensure cars are safe during the summer, motorists should regularly service their vehicles and check the validity of their tyres.  

Tyre safety: Do's and don'ts

Use only reputable branded and certified tyres.

Use the correct type of tyre and dimension for your vehicle. Refer to the vehicle owner’s manual or ask for expert advice if not sure.

Check the tyre pressures at least once per month using a reliable or calibrated gauge.

Avoid driving at lower pressures than those recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Inflating tyres with Nitrogen instead of air can help to maintain pressure stability for longer periods

Avoid driving over or near hazardous objects that could damage the tires and make them unsafe or unfit for service.

Regularly check the age, condition and air pressure of spare tyres to avoid having one unfit for use when needed.

Source: Road Safety UAE