Dubai: Hot and muggy weather will continue through the remainder of the week with temperatures expected to hover in the mid-40 degree Celsius through to Saturday, say weather forecasters.

With high humidity, the temperatures will feel much higher as the full effect of summer embraces the country for the next few months.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology, humidity built up on Wednesday over the coastal areas and heat increased throughout the day up to 44C on the coast and 48C inland, creating hazy conditions.

Humidity was as high as 90 per cent and climbed to 85 per cent inland.

The weather on Wednesday and Thursday will see maximum temperatures range from 40C to 44C in coastal areas, 42C to 47C in internal areas and 33C to 38C in the mountain region.

Northwesterly to northeasterly winds will blow across the region at a speed of 12-22km/h in coastal areas, which may reach 32km/h at times.

“By Friday, low clouds will appear eastward that may become convective by afternoon. There will be light to moderate northerly winds, which will cause dust to blow over exposed areas,” said the NCM.

Similar weather lies ahead on Thursday, said the national weather bureau, with heat and humidity dominating the day.

Forecasters said the day will be “humid westward during morning, mist may form. Hot to very hot daytime.”

Thursday will also see haze and clouds forming.

On Friday, forecasters said heat will continue and clouds in the eastern parts of the country may bring a chance of “rainfall by afternoon eastward, extending over some internal and southern areas”.

High temperatures will continue to be the norm on Saturday, said the weather centre, with more chances of scattered rain in east and south corners of the country.

The weather centre said Saturday will be “hot to very hot [in the] daytime”.

Previous data recorded by the NCM in Dubai from 1977 to 2016 revealed the maximum temperature for June was 47.9C, 48.5C in July, 48.8C in August and 45.1C in September.

Studies also showed that the hottest temperature recorded in the UAE was on June 2, 2015 in Sweihan at a scorching 51.2C.