Dubai: The weather will be hot and humid in general in the UAE this week, although Fujairah is forecast to have milder conditions, with possibly some rain at times.

Maximum temperatures will be in the 40C mark reaching up to 43C along the coast while interior areas might reach the high 40s, peaking at 47C in Qasyoura and neighbouring areas on Tuesday.

Fujairah will have maximum temperatures of around 37C, giving residents a slight respite from the heat. Fujairah and neighbouring areas might also see some rain clouds form in the afternoons.

Meanwhile on Sunday hail and rain lashed the Nahil area in Al Ain, the National Centre of Meteorology confirmed. Videos capturing the hailstorm were also shared on social media.

Relative humidity is expected to increase, giving rise to fog or mist formation in some parts of the country. Motorists driving in the early morning are advised to take caution.