strengthen your immunity
strengthen your immunity Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Having a strong immunity is essential to staying healthy in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

With an abundance of information circulating about the safety precautions that one could implement to combat the virus, Dr. Mohammed Mansoor, Consultant and Head of pediatric dentistry at Dubai Health Authority (DHA), gives his key tips on how to raise one’s immunity.

Coronavirus in UAE: How to strengthen your immunity Sonia Shah, Videographer, Roudha Mejren, Staff Reporter

“Firstly, it is very important to have ample amount of sleep, take your vitamins and avoid harmful snacks or foods such as sugar. Also it’s important to hydrate yourself. Having water is absolutely important because it ensures that all the organs are functioning. All these small measures, very doable measures, can significantly improve immunity and it ensures that a person can resist catching the virus.”

Dr. Mansoor also said that 80 per cent of people affected with the virus have only mild symptoms, yet the other 20 per cent could embody more moderate to severe symptoms.

“Target groups (that get affected) are usually immunocompromised individuals,” says Dr. Mansoor. These are people who have an impaired immune system and are typically prone to catching diseases quite readily. Dr. Mansoor gives the example of elderly who have medical problems, respiratory issues, high blood pressure or heart disease.

Dr. Mansoor does warn however, “No one is excluded”.

By following the steps that could strengthen one’s immunity, it could raise the chances of being able to combat the disease.