A total of 269 bicycles were seized for various violations in the span of one week in Dubai Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: As many as 269 bicycles and electric bikes have been seized in Dubai for violating traffic laws, an official said on Wednesday.

Brigadier Ahmad Thani Bin Gulitha, Director of Al Refaa Police Station, said an initiative targeting the use of bicycles and electric bikes in violation of traffic rules had resulted in the seizures. The campaign was undertaken for one week in coordination with Dubai Municipality.

“We formed a team for the campaign and seized 239 bicycles and 30 electric bikes. The highest number of violation was seen in Karama,” Brig Bin Gulitha said in a statement. Dubai Police said the campaign aimed at reducing traffic accidents and ensuring public safety.

“Riding bicycles and electric bikes illegally on main roads or without wearing vests and helmets can cause traffic accidents. Some residents ride against traffic flow or on the pavement which endangers their own and others’ lives,” Brig Bin Gulitha added.

Dubai Police said some violators fasten bikes at traffic posts and signals which is also not allowed.