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Mubadala Health Dubai is the new multi-specialty day surgery and outpatient clinic in Dubai, which offers a range of medical and clinical specialties for both adults and children. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai residents can now avail medical expertise from healthcare majors Cleveland Clinic and Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, thanks to a new facility set up by Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala Health.

Located at Sunset Mall in Jumeirah, the facility brings together a diverse range of medical specialties and services under one roof.

Giving Gulf News an exclusive tour of the facility, Dr Rizwana Popatia, medical director, Mubadala Health Dubai and Manisha Mitesh Patel, director, Clinical Operations, said by leveraging the expertise of Cleveland Clinic and Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Mubadala Health aims to enhance healthcare delivery and improve accessibility to high-quality medical care in the region.

“Our goal is to create a unique healthcare hub that caters to the various needs of patients, from paediatric care to specialised surgeries and chronic disease management,” said Dr Popatia.

“This is the first facility of Mubadala Health outside of Abu Dhabi. We have brought a continuum of medical speciality services and a Daycare Surgery Centre, to address the gap in the market and provide a supplementary, multidisciplinary excellence care model in the region.”

Patel said: “We want people to have accessibility to the world class care that we are offering so that there is continuing care that we can provide to the patients that use any of our assets. We have got the multidisciplinary team approach to all the healthcare services that we deliver physically.”

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The facility also offers a satellite clinic for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Imperial College London Diabetes Centre Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

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Collaborative approach

According to the duo, the collaborative approach ensures patients receive holistic and multidisciplinary continuum of care within a convenient location.

They said Cleveland Clinic’s Centre of Excellence for cardiology services will provide the high quality cardiac care, replicating the experience and standards of patient care found at its renowned facilities in the US and Abu Dhabi.

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The facility is located in Jumeirah 3 area of Dubai Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

In addition, the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, an extension of Imperial College London services, will offer comprehensive endocrinology care, including specialised treatments and a multidisciplinary care team comprising endocrinologists, podiatrists, diabetic nurse educators, dietitians, and clinical psychologists.

In Dubai, Mubadala Health’s partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi will enable the provision of ophthalmology services, ensuring a comprehensive range of eye care solutions.

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Mubadala Health Dubai says it has a "multidisciplinary model of care" Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

The facility will also feature an MSK (musculoskeletal) Centre of Excellence, with orthopedic services provided by Health Point. The centre will offer specialised treatments for foot and ankle, hip, knee, hand, elbow, spine, and physical medicine, rehabilitation services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, non-interventional spine medicine, and sports medicine.

The Dubai facility will include Amana, a rehabilitation facility offering adult and paediatric long-term care and rehabilitation services.

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An MRI machine at the centre Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Transferring cases

The Day Surgery Centre is expected to enable patients to undergo various surgical procedures as day cases with enhanced recovery and minimised hospital stay.

“Our unique team comprises highly skilled and internationally trained physicians, nurses, therapists, and specialists, creating a multidisciplinary approach that is rare to find in the UAE. Instead of seeking individual specialists, we offer a comprehensive range of services including endocrinology, gastroenterology, nursing, dietetics, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, pathology, podiatry, clinical psychology, and more. This amalgamation of expertise enhances the patient journey by providing holistic attention and care, eliminating the need to visit multiple locations for comprehensive treatment,” said Dr Popatia.

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A patient room in the new 125,000-square-foot facility Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

She said procedures that require overnight stays or extended post-surgery monitoring will be seamlessly transferred to other Mubadala Health facilities in Abu Dhabi.

“So again, we’ve still got that continuum of care where they’re operated on by that same physician and looked after by just as experienced nurses and support teams in the recovery of that patient. We have doctors from both sides, we have a kind of arrangement of expertise on both sides, helping out each other.

"So if you get an orthopedic surgery, which requires an overnight stay in Abu Dhabi, you can still come and get your OT [occupational therapy] and PT [physical therapy] over here so you don’t have to travel to Abu Dhabi for every single post-operative visit and follow up visit for your physiotherapy care,” she said.

Upcoming services

The senior executives also revealed plans for unique services to be launched, including a travel health clinic, baby wellness clinic, a second opinion programme and a wellness hub focused on microbiome services. Mubadala Health’s collaboration with G-42, a leader in artificial intelligence technology, genomics, and microbiome services, will enable the provision of advanced gastroenterology and genetic testing services, they said.

Furthermore, Patel said, Mubadala Health Dubai aims to become a collection hub for the UAE’s Emirati genomic programme, allowing patients to conveniently provide samples for genetic analysis. The facility will also offer in-house clinical genetic testing, providing faster results within seven to ten working days.

With a significant percentage of insurance coverage accepted, including government insurances, Mubadala Health aims to enhance accessibility to its premium healthcare services to the population in Dubai, they added.