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The man plans to project ‘You gave me a whole new world, can I have it forever?’ in the grand proposal on Wednesday. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: How far can you go to express your love? A Dubai-based Indian national is plotting a dream proposal to his girlfriend by projecting it on Burj Khalifa on November 4.

We cannot reveal ther names, but what Gulf News can share - with the permission of the man - are details of how he met his girlfriend and why he is head over heels in love with her. 

The couple met more than five years ago. The woman, 30, who is from the West, came to Dubai for a quick visit. The man, 29, was working for a travel agency. The two became friends.

The girl had to return home but four months later, she visited Dubai again. “I showed her the beauty of the city through my eyes,” the man told Gulf News. “We did skydiving together, watched beautiful sunsets from almost all the wonderful and romantic beaches of Dubai. We went diving and she just fell in love with Dubai’s vibrant culture - and with me,” he added.

The lady again had to fly back home but the two stayed in touch despite the long distance; friendship blossomed into love and the girl decided to move to Dubai for good.

The man said both he and his girlfriend like to travel. They have seen beautiful places in nearly 20 countries over the past few years. They have forged unforgettable memories. The man said: “We’ve explored local cultures, eaten native food, watched lions hunting hippos in Tanzania, got our rented car towed in Europe, swum with sting rays, climbed the top of Eifel tower, trekked up to remote villages in the Himalayas, clubbed till 8am and walked down Christmas markets.”

But nothing will compare with the upcoming Burj Khalifa experience.

“To say more about my girlfriend,” the man added: “She’s a very selfless person, always putting others before herself, she gelled well with my entire family more than I ever did. She always gives her unconditional love and she’s always willing to try new things. She’s full of life. It’s cheesy, but I like who I am when I’m with her. We’ve grown together over the years, been on this roller coaster of a life filled with so many emotions, with its ups and downs, with all the perfect imperfections.”

He added: “You have no idea how stressed I am with the all the arrangements - for the last two months, I’ve been deeply engaged in picking up the perfect diamond. Then I had to plan the Burj Khalifa projection - all while being super secretive about it.”

On November 4, at around 8pm, he will pop the question: “You gave me a whole new world, can I have it forever?”

So who is this lucky girl? And will she say yes?