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A giant robot is being experimented in Abu Dhabi for the fire-fighting purposes in the Emirate, the Abu Dhabi Police said on Monday.

Abu Dhabi: A robot operated by remote control is being experimented in Abu Dhabi for fire-fighting, the Abu Dhabi Police said on Monday.

A picture of the robot released by the police showed a giant robot spraying out water. The robot changed directions and walked around as per the requirements of the fire fighting operation and prevent it from spreading.

The General Administration of Civil Defence in Abu Dhabi said the robot can be operated by a remote control system and in various scenarios where a firefighter faces tough challenges to put out the fire and enter the spot.

Brigadier General Mohamad Ibrahim Al Amri, Deputy Director General of Civil Defence in Abu Dhabi said: “The robot is capable of pumping large quantities of water, which is used to put out various types of fires in industrial areas, tunnels, covered/closed parking spaces.”

The robot can be controlled from a distance of 300 metres, he said.

What is TAF35

The robot named TAF35 is has a firefighting turbine mounted on a caterpillar vehicle. The turbine is fitted with an external nozzle ring, which atomises water into a fine mist and then distributes it using a propeller. The water mist draws the heat from the fire very quickly and significantly reduces the temperature. The remote control increases the level of safety for the firefighters engaged in the work.

On the one hand, the firefighters do not have to enter the area of immediate danger, and in cases like tunnel fires, the firefighting vehicle can go in before the fire crew.