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Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum tours the exhibition Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) and member of the Dubai Council, has inaugurated the ‘Prototypes for Humanity’ exhibition at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

The inaugural event, held under Sheikha Latifa’s patronage, brings together trailblazing ideas, projects, and technologies addressing critical challenges affecting humanity.

Organised in partnership with DIFC and supported by Dubai Culture and A.R.M. Holding, the exhibition is a key Dubai initiative for discovering solutions to complex problems.

The free-to-attend exhibition, hosted at DIFC, Atrium, Precinct Building 5, is open to the public from November 16 to 17 between 1pm and 9pm.

Prototypes for Humanity is in line with Dubai’s strategy to embrace innovation and empower talent in order to build a better future for humanity. “The initiative also reflects Dubai’s vision to enhance awareness on sustainable development, creativity and innovation,” Sheikha Latifa said, noting that the emirate has led key pioneering initiatives to achieve this objective.

“Prototypes for Humanity closely aligns with Dubai’s ambitious vision and its commitment to empowering a creative and an innovation-embracing community. In light of the global challenges we constantly face, it is time to unite efforts and utilise our creativity to address these issues and build a better future for the world. I am highly confident in the capabilities of the participating students to foster a better and more sustainable tomorrow,” she added.

100 projects

“With 100 best-in-class impact innovation projects being presented in the fields of health, environment, society and corporate solutions, we look forward to seeing a world that is ready to embrace future innovations.”

Sheikha Latifa also highlighted the importance of collaboration in accelerating change and building a sustainable future. Through bringing together stakeholders from the private and public sector, the venture capital community and academia, the event supports the transformation of scientific research into real-life solutions that address global challenges, further strengthening Dubai’s rise as an innovation hub.

The unique event, which builds on the success of the Global Grad Show, an annual exhibition of innovative university design projects held since 2015, seeks to raise awareness about the repercussions of social and environmental problems, but from a pragmatic problem-solving perspective.

The unveiling of the programme gathered a high-profile group of Dubai leaders across multiple industries including health, innovation, technology, energy and business, who convened to discuss strategies and opportunities to leverage the city’s infrastructure to support the development of real-world solutions for a better world.

$100,000 in prizes

At the launch, Sheikha Latifa, along with DIFC’s Governor Essa Kazim, announced the recipients of the Prototypes for Humanity Award, which offered prizes worth $100,000 (around Dh367,000). The Award, which aims to champion academic excellence in critical areas for sustainable development, recognised four projects for their outstanding work in the fields of Environment, Health, Society, and Corporate Solutions. Each winner received $25,000.

Following the opening, Sheikha Latifa met with decision-makers and officials from the government and private sectors to exchange insights on initiatives implemented within their organisations. The meeting also discussed the immense opportunities associated with channelling international talent and innovation into Dubai’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Essa Kazim, governor of DIFC, said: “DIFC’s commitment to sustainably increase our contribution to Dubai’s economy guides both the Centre’s long-term vision and immediate plans. The global relevance that Dubai and DIFC have built provides us with credibility to be an enabler of partnerships for good whether within the finance industry, or more broadly across society. We believe that social prosperity and sustainability is essential to everyone’s future and we want to play a leading role in accelerating it.”

University projects

The event’s inaugural edition has brought together 160 university students and professors from across the world to showcase 100 best-in-class impact innovation projects. From carbon-capturing mobility solutions to a portable defibrillator and off-grid electricity sources, the projects, developed by university students across various science, tech and creative disciplines, were chosen from 450 universities in over 100 countries.

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Students at the official inauguration Image Credit: Supplied

DIFC’s CEO Arif Amiri welcomed the universities, students and professors hailing from over 50 countries, who were then introduced to the city’s efforts to build a sustainable future.

As part of the event, a high-profile group of leaders from private businesses, public agencies, investors, academics, local and international stakeholders, including A.R.M. Holding, which has dedicated Dh10 million fund to support innovations, will congregate at the DIFC to discuss how to unlock the potential of academic ingenuity to create a better future.



FormaCyte, a revolutionary Implant for type 1 diabetes management

By Nam Chan, Chi Pham and Chen Yang

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


AkoFresh, a solar-powered cold storage solution reducing post-harvest loss

By Mathias Charles Yabe, Dhruvika Sosa and Arina Machine

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana


Aerostat, a smart helium-filled balloon for early forest fire detection

By Merve Kalan

Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Corporate Solutions

Carbon Capture Battery, a solution to generate energy whilst capturing carbon

By Mohammad Saghafifar and Seyed Mojtaba Hashemi

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom