A combo shot of all the UAE artistes who have banded together for this coronavirus cover Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As the global coronavirus death toll nears 350,000, a group of UAE artistes have collaborated for a music video cover of Michael Jackson’s famous “Heal the World”.

Belted by eight local artists from the comfort of their homes, the collective is an initiative of Dubai-based marketing and event management firm Spinworx.

“The song is a tribute to all those contributing to healing the world,” said Maan Kaassamani, the commpany’s founder and managing director.

Maan Kaassamani

“The pandemic has brought the entertainment industry to a standstill with artistes sequestered in their homes. So I decided to bring them closer together while still maintaining social distancing,” he explained.

Eight artistes including popular singer Omar Dean recorded their vocals for the song which were then pieced together for the video called ‘From Dubai With Love’.

The other artistes are Dina Stars, Bibi Luna, DD Foxx, Alina K, Rita Mikhael, Talal Kontar and Zeina Aftimos.

Kaassamani said he picked the artistes from various ethnicities to perform the track to show the cultural diversity of Dubai.

“Dina Stars for instance is Jordanian, Omar Dean is Australian, DD Foxx is Lebanese-American while Ziena Aftimmos is from Syria,” said Kaassamani from Lebanon.

He said the purpose of getting them to sing ‘Heal the World’ was to remind people about the importance of unity and kindness as well as to support local talent and acknowledge the efforts of frontline workers fighting the disease.

The video has elicited around 1,500 views since Thursday when it was posted on Spinworx’s Instagram page.

Heal the World was released in 1992 as the fifth single from Michael Jackson’s album Dangerous. Since the pandemic the song has gained new meaning, giving people hope to come together, using the new anthem to heal the world.

In wake of the global catastrophe unleashed by the pandemic, United Nations marked its 75th anniversary recently by launching a music video with a cover of the song featuring 26 former and current ambassadors.