About 150 patients who re
About 150 patients who recovered from COVID-19 cheer medical workers and volunteers follows weeks of stay in a quarantine facility in Dubai's Warzan district. Image Credit: Screengrab


  • Cheers and gratitude as dozens of coronavirus patients recover in Dubai
  • Cheers as COVID-19 patients recover in Dubai
  • Many patients returnED home from isolation facilities after testing negative for COVID-19
  • Indian volunteers were seen clapping and singing as they led the recovered patients to their residences in Naif area.

Dubai: It’s a victory parade of sorts.

Some 150 recovered patients cheered with gratitude for the doctors and medical workers who looked after them as they were being discharged from a field medical facility in Warzan district following treatment for COVID-19.

They were discharged after full recovery from coronavirus and completed the two-week mandatory quarantine.

One video posted by UAE Arabic daily Al Khaleej on Tuesday shows the workers walking in line as they were being discharged from a medical facility in Dubai's Al Warsan district used to quarantine COVID-19 positive patients.

The group, who already tested negative for the virus, were heard giving loud, celebratory noise as they were being escorted out of the facility by local health authorities and Dubai Police officers, following compulsory isolation.

The recovered patients thanked the Dubai Health Authority and medical teams, including physicians, nurses and the unsung heroes for their dedication and hard work looking after the patients in the facility.

In another video, Indian volunteers were seen clapping and singing as they led the recovered patients to their residences in Naif area.

“This could be a first-of-its-kind sight in the history of Dubai, which is the most beautiful sight...here it is for all the people around the world,” an emotional volunteer who took the video said in his native language.

Thanking the authorities in Dubai, he said several volunteers, who had spent days and nights serving the residents of the neighbourhood, were the happiest to welcome the recovered patients back home.

The Indian Consulate in Dubai has mobilised medical volunteers for an isolation facility.

“Since yesterday (Sunday), the consulate has been able to mobilise a team of doctors and paramedics volunteers for a COVID-19 isolation facility in Dubai. This is a modest contribution to supplement the massive effort of DHA (Dubai Health Authority) and in the spirit of the historic friendly relations between India and the UAE,” the mission said in a press release.

Volunteers confirmed the event. The Consulate confirmed an all-male medical facility has a capacity of 500 beds.

Vipul, the Consul General of India to Dubai, said it was a joint effort between the Dubai Health Authority, Indian community members, and Aster DM Healthcare.

The initiative is also supported by the Indian Business and Professional Council.

Several Indian doctors have come forward to volunteer their services for the initiative.

Healthcare workers volunteered their services at the request of the Indian Consulate in Dubai, supplementing the UAE's and Dubai's efforts in battling the pandemic, said Vipul.