Debanjali Kamstra, Managing Director, Veloche Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai and the UAE are global benchmarks for edifices as well as the art of interior design. How competitive is the vertical and what is Veloche’s USP?

Dubai is a land of opportunity, opening doors to many to build their dreams. We believe that competitiveness is important in every economy to stabilise demand and supply. Equal competition between organisations will provide the end user a fair platform to choose the right service provider. Veloche’s USP is to believe in maintaining consistency in our service and always provide customer satisfaction and not to lower our standard and focus on quality projects and customers, making them feel proud of their choice to work with Veloche.

Due to the slowing of the economy many organisations have been forced to leave the platform of construction, leading to more demand and less supply. This is when Veloche showed focus in indulging in quality and time-worthy projects.

Please share some of the unique requests that clients in Dubai have placed and the challenges you faced in execution.

In the past few years, some clients have compared an organisation based on a commercial offer without comparing the core value of expertise, strength and most importantly the intention of Veloche. For instance a particular project handover was scheduled for November 1 but the client published it as October 1. To uphold the client’s reputation we took on the challenge and completed the handover process on October 1.

Please highlight a couple of trends in interior design globally and how they are being interpreted in the region?

The major trend globally is to go for sustainable design, or material used with sustainability being key, something that Dubai is aligned to. Dubai’s major edifices, for instance are built mostly using steel, which is a great recycle product, and lots of led screens are used across projects as well, which are environmentally friendly. We also see the rise of vertical gardens that contribute towards an environmentally-friendly ambience. Besides, a vertical garden is more eye soothing than marble or wooden cladding and presents a vivid pop of colour.

As fit-out contractors, we also try to convince our customers to go paperless with their operations, which we like to incorporate in our design as well to promote a green earth concept.

With Expo 2020 and an expected rush of visitors, do you see a lot of interest from global clients in exploring what local talent has to offer in the field of interior design? Does Veloche have anything unique for its prospective global clientele?

Dubai will see a new world with Expo 2020, we still remember the day when the news declared Dubai as the official host of Expo 2020. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. And how lucky we are for being granted to live in this city, and gain the golden opportunity from the ruler of this country to establish our own enterprise! Definitely, the rush of visitors will make a huge impact to many major sectors, mainly real estate, fit-out, events, consultancy and construction.

As one of the market leaders in the fields of interiors and exhibitions, Veloche is ready for an immense expansion following the opening of our new UK branch. And in expectation of the industry booming, recruitments are going on, opening doors for many newcomers with exceptional talent and unique personality into the world of interiors. Veloche believes experience is not as important as your intention to learn and grow, which is a daily process. Every day is learning day, irrespective of your age.

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