Al Tayer Motors facility in Al Barsha Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Automobile dealers are again pulling out all the stops with discounts and low monthly instalment offers on cars to make Ramadan another huge shopping month.

Those who are looking for a new ride are likely to get discounts of between Dh5,000 and Dh73,000 on several vehicle models in UAE showrooms.

There are also other deals up for grabs such as free iPhones, one-night stay at a luxury hotel, zero per cent interest, deferred payments, free insurance, registration and maintenance, and complementary valet and other aftersales services. Showrooms across the country are likewise extending their operating hours throughout Ramadan in order to accommodate those who are fasting.


Billions of dirhams go into spending on vehicle purchases every year in the UAE. According to Euromonitor data, residents splashed nearly Dh18 billion ($4.8 billion) on brand-new and second-hand cars, motorcycles and other types of vehicles in 2016.

However, since end 2015, new car sales in the UAE have been down by 45 per cent to 50 per cent. In the first three months of the year alone,  dealers managed to sell just 50,000 units and overall sales dropped by 15 per cent to 20 per cent.

But whether spending is indeed declining or not, car sales are as much part of the Ramadan retail calendar as iftars or night souks for some. We spoke to the experts at CarSwitch, who gave us a list of some of their best deals.


For Ramadan this year BMW is offering a range of special offers including a 15 per cent down payment contribution, free insurance for the first year, extended service and repair for 5 years and BMW ConnectedDrive features exclusively at AGMC. Finance buyers can also avail a 2.5 per cent cashback on select models on their deferred payments.


At Al Futtaim Toyota, shoppers this month can enjoy “savings over Dh40,000” on certain new models, one-year free insurance, free registration and four years/ 80,000 kilometres “care bundle.” Customers can also save up to Dh10,000 in cash when buying a pre-owned Toyota in addition to three months deferred payments.

Ford, Lincoln

Buyers who pop into an Al Tayer Motors showroom can drive home a 2016 Ford car for discounts of up to Dh73,000, and on top of that, they will get either an iPhone X or iPhone 8, depending on the model, as a reward.

One of the heavily discounted cars, a brand-new 2016 Ford Expedition Limited, is now up for grabs for a little over Dh167,000, which is about Dh73,000 cheaper than the original price of Dh241,000. The price for the 2016 Ford Titanium has also been reduced from Dh210,000 to Dh146,475, offering buyers a discount of more than Dh63,000.

Shoppers will also get a warranty and roadside assistance for five years and free maintenance for three years.

Those eyeing a 2018 Lincoln Navigator will also get a longer warranty and service contract for five years or 100,000 kilometres. In addition, the buyer will get a one-night stay at Burj Al Arab hotel. For all other Lincoln models, the 20 per cent downpayment will be paid by Al Tayer Motors/ Premier Motors, plus the buyer will get a free insurance coverage for one year.

Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati

For Jaguar and select Land Rover models, up to 10 per cent cashback is up for grabs and the 5 per cent VAT will be shouldered by Al Tayer Motors/ Premier Motors. Buyers will also get free service and maintenance for five years, as well as warranty and roadside assistance for five years.

Maserati fans can find new cars for Dh299,000, which is inclusive of 5 per cent VAT, but they can get a 5 per cent cashback. Other freebies will likewise be give away, such as unlimited mileage warranty, service package and roadside assistance for five years.


Buyers opting for Mitsubishi can drive home a Pajero for Dh86,000, which is nearly Dh10,000 cheaper than the previous price of Dh95,000, and for the first one year, the monthly instalment is fixed at Dh995. For sedan vehicles, the monthly payment can be as low as Dh385.


Massive price cuts also await those buying the 2018 Chevrolet sedan and sport utility vehicles, with the Tahoe being sold for Dh30,000 cheaper, and Silverado, Impala and Malibu for Dh20,000, Dh15,000 and Dh10,000 less, respectively. Traverse and Equinox vehicles are on sale for a discount of Dh7,500 and Dh5,000, respectively.


 At Nissan showrooms, shoppers who are short on cash can get a 2018MY passenger car, crossover or SUV and enjoy zero interest for a period of four years.


For Audi car buyers, incentives include free vehicle registration and insurance coverage for 12 months and three years of round-the-clock roadside assistance. They can also enjoy free maintenance service and manufacturer warranty for five years.


Cadillac is offering extended warranty of 10 years and will pay the first 12 installments for you if the car is purchased through financing.


Dodge is offering an extended service and warranty for their range for 6 years, one year’s of free insurance on select models and up to 20 per cent dealer down payment contribution towards a new car purchase.


GMC is offering savings up to Dh35,000 on new car purchases.


Honda is offering a range of special offers on specific cars including City, Civic, Pilot, CR-V and Jazz. Buyers will also avail an extended warranty of 5 years and low monthly installments. Service contract and roadside assistance is also available for select models.


Hyundai is offering one year of free insurance for new car purchases, an extended service contract (2 yearsl/30,000KM), extended warranty (4 years) and also has a Buy now, Pay in 2019 scheme available for select purchases.


This Ramadan, Infiniti is offering instant rewards on all purchases, including 1 year free insurance, 100 per cent down payment and 5 per cent VAT contribution by Infiniti and an extended warranty of 5 years.


On all Jeep purchases, avail an extended Service and Warranty of 6 years/120KM, one year’s free insurance on select models and up to 20% down payment contribution by Jeep.


Kia is offering three attractive packages for buyers to choose from this Ramadan: Cash discounts on new car purchases; VAT contribution by Kia plus extended service contract for 2 years; and free insurance for one year plus 3 years’ service contract.


Mazda is offering extended service package and warranty for up to 5 years, one year’s free insurance, discounts on select models, cash backs up to Dh5,000 and a chance to win the all new MX-5 RF.


In celebration of the market introduction of the Teramont and Touareg, customers of the brand’s will receive seven-years of free servicing on purchases during the month. 


Buyers can save up to 20 per cent on a number of Mercedes-Benz models and benefit from a host of finance offers. Those who purchase a new car through Emirates Motor Company can avail themselves of the following freebies: up to 20 per cent deposit contribution, service package for four years or 60,000 kilometres, warranty for five years or 150,000 kilometres and free registration.

For buyers at Gargash Enterprises, they can enjoy a zero per cent down payment, plus first instalment in 2019, “integrated service package” for up to three years of 45,000 kilometres and warranty for up to five years or 105,000 kilometres.


Volvo is offering to contribute up to 10 per cent down payment or offer 10 per cent cashback on purchases, extended service contract of up to 60,000KM, unlimited KM warranty, and is also providing special offers for business users.