DUBAI If you are a Youtube fan, you can head to the Zabeel Park this Friday to meet some of the most influential Youtubers of the region.

The first-of-its-kind event, the Dubai Youtube Festival is being organised by Google in partnership with Kharabeesh, Sa7i and U-Turn, all YouTube Partners under the YouTube Partnership Programme.

Programme head Diana Badr (see picture) told XPRESS: “The region is witnessing a surge in online talent and more and more people are turning to social platforms to express themselves. This generation of content creators are revolutionising the way people consume information, especially when it comes to online videos. By sharing their stories, others can be inspired to follow their passions and will know what it takes and how to get there.”

She said over 30 Youtubers will be attending the Friday meet, some of whose channels like MrMrSNB enjoy a viewership of over one million. The participants proffer a variety of content from beauty and lifestyle to gaming, comedy, technology and food. Fashion designer Alanoud Badr, host of Lady Fozaza, who boasts 6,694 subscribers and 316,180 views since she launched her channel last year, said the power of the Youtube medium cannot be underestimated. “In my opinion, it is the strongest form of communication we have today. It is direct, personal and allows you to have control over what you would like to communicate.” Badr, who will be relaunching her channel Lady Foazaza on Friday, said she plans to come up with a bi-weekly programme which will include a number of interactive elements to engage with her fans.

Twin brothers Abdulaziz Bakr and Abdallah Bakr, who go by the name The Saudi Reporters, said their comic videos command a viewership of 39,743,727. “The channel is our life where we air our thoughts and ideas and feelings,” said Abdulaziz.

Entry is free, park fee applies.