DUBAI A local classifieds website has launched the first online barter shop in the UAE.

The shop provides visitors with the option to trade items, products or services with others for things, rather than cash. Bartering is the oldest form of commerce and users will be allowed to trade goods they have for goods they want. By trading unwanted or surplus items, both parties will be allowed to retain cash. The barter shop is currently available online at Unlike garage sales where unwanted goods are sold for cash, the shop is being positioned as being mutually beneficial for both buyers and sellers and costs nothing.

“Introducing the EZHeights Barter Shop has been an idea that I have had for a while,” says Adham Saleh, the brain behind it. “Residents of the UAE are constantly holding and attending garage sales and buying second-hand items from others, so we know there is demand. We wanted to create a platform where both the user and the seller are exchanging needed products and goods. This could even be a language exchange where two people meet and spend thirty minutes talking in Arabic and the following in English to improve each other’s language skills, or an iPhone being swapped for a digital camera.”