File photo of students in Sharjah for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: The Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) has set the admission age for students in all grades, from kindergarten to grade 12, for the next academic year 2022/23.

Admission age

KG1: 4 years

KG2: 5 years

Grade 1: 6-8 years

Grade 2: 7-9 years

Grade 3: 8-10 years

Grade 4: 9-11 years

Grade 5: 10-12 years

Grade 6: 11-13 years

Grade 7: 12-14 years

Grade 8: 13-15 years

Grade 9: 14-16 years

Grade 10: 15-17 years

Grade 11: 16-18 years

Grade 12: 17-19 years

Registration period

ESE on Monday announced the opening of registration period (March 14 to April 1) and transfer to government schools for the new academic year for Emirati students, children of Emirati women and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Meanwhile the registration period of all other expats students in government schools is April 17 to 29.

ESE provided multiple channels for registration through the student portal on the Al Manhal system, as well as an explanatory video on the steps of registration.