Workshop participants were honoured by the Family Development Foundation recently Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A workshop has empowered Emirati senior citizens and expats from the elderly community with skills for instant messaging, social media browsing, using apps, and internet and computer literacy.

The aim of the training was to enable them to easily communicate online with loved ones as well as familiarise them with various digital resources and services of benefit to them.

Mariam Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director-General at Family Development Foundation (FDF) in Abu Dhabi, honoured participants of the ‘Digital Qualifications Workshop’ recently at the Gitex tech show in Dubai. The Foundation’s participation at the event was facilitated through the Abu Dhabi Government pavilion.

Khawla Al Kaabi, Head of Seniors Department, FDF, said: “The Foundation, in line with the Digital Qualifications Workshop, conducted several preventative and enabling sessions. The key objective of the workshop is to educate senior citizens on information technology, facilitating access to digital services that improve their quality of life and encourage healthy communication with their family members.”

She added: “The Digital Qualifications Workshop focussed on empowering senior citizens and residents with essential technological skills to help them keep pace with modern developments and boost societal integration. The can help establish a constant communication channel between senior citizens, their family members and society.”

Moza Ali Al Mazrouei, Social Care Specialist, FDF, said: “The workshop sought to reinforce technological and communication skills of senior citizens to enable seamless adaptation to developments in the current world and ensure their integration into society. It will make it easier for them to access digital resources and services that help them enhance communication with family, society and other community members. All of these efforts are aimed at strengthening their bond with family members.”

Topics covered

In addition, Al Mazrouei shed light on the Digital Qualifications Workshop’s main areas of focus, which was developed in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA). The key topics covered in the Workshop include the world of the Internet, social media platforms, the basics of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, steps to access government services available on the ‘Tamm’ platform, obtaining the Barkitna Card and using the UAEPASS application.

The session further offered guidance on using applications like WhatsApp, phone services, Snapchat, Google Maps, Instashop and more.

The sessions held by FDF aim to help senior citizens to learn to use social media platforms, navigate the internet and interact with digital systems to keep up with the advancements of society and future generations. It equips them with the skills to seamlessly communicate with family and friends while adapting to the advancements of the current world and the new generation. In addition, it facilitates their access to various services, in an efficient and accessible manner.

FDF provides a wide range of services and programmes for senior citizens such as the Barakat Al Dar Club, Council of Elders, Social Support to Senior Citizens and Barkitna Card. In addition, the Foundation has been hosting several sports events, especially for senior citizens and residents.