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Senior citizens at Old People's Home in Sharjah. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan

Sharjah: Senior Emirati citizens have a safe and loving home in Sharjah.

With full services provided — such as medical, social and geriatrics — the residents have a secure home to live in.

The facility, known as “The Sharjah Old People Home”, has been serving senior citizens since 1986.

Located close to Sharjah’s Zero 6 Mall, the care home for the elderly, also known as a nursing home or residential care facility, provides a range of services and features to ensure the well-being and comfort of their residents.

Safe, comfortable living space for elderly

Amna Hassan Alobaidli of the Sharjah Old People Home shared to Gulf News the benefits provided by the centre to senior citizens.

The accommodation provides a safe and comfortable living space for residents.

“We provide a home, love and care for the senior citizen,” she said.

The rooms are designed with elderly-friendly features and include necessary furnishings like beds, wardrobes, and chairs.

“Currently, we have 30 rooms. There are separate rooms for male and female residents. The facility is more than just a home to the senior citizens," she added.

There are games, events held to raise social interaction among the residents.


24/7 medical care

Medical care and supervision are also part of the service. The home has qualified medical professionals, such as nurses and caregivers, who can administer medications, monitor health conditions, and provide medical support.

They also have arrangements with external healthcare providers for specialised care, as needed.

“We have medical care 24 hours, 365 days a year. The Old Age home also pays attention to the dietary habits of its residents.

Meals and nutrition

Nutritious meals and dietary plans are an essential aspect of the home. Regular meals and snacks are offered that cater to the dietary requirements and preferences of residents.

Special diets, such as diabetic or vegetarian, are also accommodated.

Nutritious meals and dietary plans are an essential aspect of the home. We look at various factors like age, weight, medical condition and prepare healthy diet.

- Amna Hassan Al Obaidli, dietitican at the Old People's Home in Sharjah.

The home provides not only such primary needs as shelter, food, clothing and care to this vulnerable aged group living in difficult circumstances, but also emotional support.

In addition, the home gives counseling and physical care to such aged people to be indepedent as much as possible despite the difficulties of old age.

Personal care is a key part of the care home. It provides assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting.

Trained staff members are available to support residents with their personal care needs, ensuring their hygiene and well-being.

Social and recreational activities

The home also recognises the importance of social engagement and provide various activities to keep residents mentally and physically active.

These include games, crafts, outings, exercise programs, music therapy, and other recreational activities.

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The main facade of the Old People's Home in Sharjah.

Social interaction with other residents and staff is encouraged.

Leila Said Mohamed, 84 years of age for one is a happy member at the Old Age Home. “I have been staying here since 2020. It is a place that gives me safety and security.”

Mohamed said she spends her day playing dominos. “I play alone or have a friend to give me company. It is a great game that keeps your mind alert. It is great fun too when you play the game with someone.”

“After lunch, I take a nap for a while and then I do some reading and playing dominos again. I am so grateful for this medical home. I am well looked after,” she said.

Special occasions

On Father’s Day – June 21, the senior citizens of the Sharjah Old Age Home gathered in the main hall to mark the occasion.

“The residents got together. The staff of the home prepared a cake for the male residents – who are fathers and grand-fathers – to celebrate the occassion.

Eid Al Adha, too, was celebrated at the home.

“We make sure to mark special occasions in the home. It is our way of bonding and socialising,” Mohamed added.

She said occasions always bring a special cheer and mood in the home. “We get together and speak to each other. It is always nice here.”