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Elderly people gather to celebrate International Day for the Elderly organized by Community Development Authority (CDA) at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai Festival City. Gulf News archives

Dubai: The Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai has launched the “Respite Care” programme, which provides short-term breaks for caregivers of elderly individuals and people of determination.

The programme enables caregivers to take short-term breaks to attend their daily activities without having to compromise on their caregiving responsibilities.

This ensures that the elderly and people of determination continue to receive the necessary care even when their primary caregiver is unavailable for a short period.

The Respite Care programme, which falls under the Higher Committee for Development and Citizens Affairs (HCDCA), aims to give primary caregivers a chance to focus on their physical and mental well-being.

How it works 

Caregivers of senior citizens or people of determination residing in Dubai can apply to request the Respite Care service. Once the request is received, the CDA will review the case and, upon approval, make arrangements to accommodate the request based on the caregivers’ requirements.

During the primary caregiver’s time off, the Authority will provide a substitute to take care of the senior citizens or people of determination either at their homes or at temporary care centres.

The Authority will assign specialists to provide the necessary care and supervise them during the absence of the primary caregiver.

Ahmed Abdul Karim Mohammed Julfar, Director-General, CDA, said that the Respite Care programme demonstrates the leadership’s commitment to providing support to all segments of society and acknowledging the social solidarity efforts of citizens. He further emphasised that the programme aligns with the vision of the Higher Committee for Development and Citizens Affairs to enhance the quality of life for citizens, People of Determination, and their caregivers by providing comprehensive support.

Who is eligible?

He noted that the programme was developed to meet the highest international standards for such services. The eligibility criteria for the programme require that caregivers be Dubai citizens and first-degree relatives of the senior citizens or people of determination they care for, and they must also live in the same home.