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Abu Dhabi: Never leave your child unattended in a car. If you do, you will then face the full extent of the law, for child neglect.

Abu Dhabi police warned that leaving a child alone inside a vehicle poses a serious risk. As part of the “Safe Summer” campaign, drivers and families were warned against leaving children inside a vehicle, as this poses a grave risk of choking or heat stroke especially during the summer months.

Authories said endangering their lives is a crime punishable by law, primarily child neglect. The child is unaware of the dangers surrounding him.Everyone whose negligence is proven in such cases is to face the judicial authorities, police said.

Parents have been called upon to strengthen protection of children as part of the campaign. Authorities also reminded parents and guardians against leaving children alone while shopping or for any other reason is against the law.

The force emphasised the role of the family in caring for and looking after the welfare of children

Serious risks
The danger of hyperthermia, an abnormally high body temperature — or overheating — poses a serious risk.
Other risks of leaving your child alone in a car include being trapped in a trunk, setting the car in motion or being taken from the car.

Just like a child's body can heat to a dangerous temperature in a matter of minutes, the reverse effect can happen in the cold, known as hypothermia.